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CNB Consultants Ltd, located in East Anglia, will be working throughout the UK carrying out roofing and cladding surveys generally in the commercial, industrial, and educational sectors for the main contractors, architects, and building owners. Some of the services offered are listed below;

Checking on specification compliance

The installed specification will be checked against construction drawings to ensure it is correct. Any deviation away from the specification could play a major factor in the issuing of Warranties by the manufacturer.
CNB Consultants
CNB ConsultantsChecking on the installation compliance

If the system is not installed correctly it could lead to wind attachment problems, heat loss leading to condensation, water penetration, and have a detrimental effect on any Warranties.
Report on the quality of the installation

All customers like to see a clean and tidy finish to their building; roofs are always out of sight out of mind. However, poor quality could well lead to defects in the future and additional costs to the customer.
CNB Consultants
CNB Consultants

Condition surveys and reports on roofing and cladding

A full inspection can be carried out and a detailed report compiled on all completed work. This would include checking all details against construction drawings, fixings, sealants, and any defects in the finished products.


CNB ConsultantsRoofing and cladding defects maintenance schedules

More often than not maintenance is carried out to a poor quality, as depicted to the left and right.

We can give advice on existing or new maintenance together with a schedule of requirements.
CNB Consultants

As independent roofing and cladding consultants, impartial advice can be offered on most products and systems available in the market place tailoring the needs to suit the identified problem.
All inspections will be accompanied with a detailed report which will include photographs and recommendations for work required.

Roof constructed as a built-up system, liner tray, insulation, bars, and top sheet during 2008.

CNB Consultants1).Sheets lapped incorrectly, this will affect the structural performance of the top sheet and affect the manufacturers’ warranty on the system and coating.

2).End lap tape product not on drawing and installed incorrectly, this could lead to water ingress and affect the manufacturers’ warranty on the system and coating.

3).Sheets not aligning, yet end lap fixings are in line. In this case the fixings were not in the bar beneath and water was also penetrating behind the sealant on the exposed side lap.